More than a Great Place To Work, OCTO is seen internally as the Best Place To Grow.
A career at OCTO is a range of possible trajectories, depending on your aspirations. Whether you want to become a developer, craftsman, architect, consultant, manager, super expert, or develop the relationship with our customers, we assist you.
We accompany the revelation of the talents and the development of the desires of each one in order to develop our community of sharing in the respect of the values of OCTO.

Integrating OCTO is more than accelerating your career, it is being a part of a community of experts. The alumni network is very active: many have built up great professional opportunities.

Sharing @OCTO

OCTO is a place where exchange, sharing, help and curiosity are encouraged and valued.
The transmission of knowledge is based on rich training actions, varied missions, a strong culture of innovation. The result is guaranteed: Talent growth and a boosted career!